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SMPP Gateway

The SMPP gateway is generally used by small and large companies or businesses that need to be in constant contact with their customers, no issue where they are in the world. SMPP Gateway allows wireless operators to economically build and manage a powerful SMPP messaging environment. It also offers an application developer a simple XML API for dealing with SMSs. SMPP Gateway is a state-of-the-art software integration that supports a large number of messages per second. Also, a number of physical servers can be configured into a gateway cluster to give unparalleled scaling.

SMS SMPP Gateway

SMS SMPP Gateway is a TCP/IP based messaging service that can be used to connect peer-to-peer from any server to send messages via SMS gateway over trustworthy connection with highest possibility. It is an excellent solution for those who want to deliver a large volume of messages each month. This standard protocol needs no programming if you are using SMPP API and software that are easily available in the market.
SMPP Gateway Open Source

An SMS gateway has many responsibilities in an SMS messaging system. So, SMS gateway software can be very complicated and complicated software is generally expensive. Luckily, there are open source SMPP gateway software packages available that can be downloaded freely over the web. These SMPP gateway open source software packages are written in the C programming language. These packages can deal with connections to SMSCs, mobile devices and GSM or GPRS modems.

SMPP SMS Gateway Software

SMPP SMS Gateway software allows you to efficiently send and receive text messages over GSM cellular networks from your local PC or via network. SMPP SMS gateway is a service through which companies can quickly and economically send details to any number of GSM mobile phones all over the world. It works simply by connecting SMPP Server to the client database. The client provides the destination GSM mobile number, message content, and an alternate labelling for tracking purposes. After that, SMPP SMS gateway software converts the data into SMS layout and sends the message to any mobile number.

SMPP Gateway Provider India

If you by any mean looking for a local or global Bulk SMS Aggregator, then you need a reliable SMPP gateway provider that goes a long way to solve your issues. To successfully manage your business of Bulk SMS, you can count upon, SMPP Gateway Provider India. We find out areas and offer solutions that completely focus on the customer’s particular requirement.

SMPP Server

What is SMPP Server?

SMPP server or Short Message Peer-to-Peer in the telecommunication industry is an open, industry standard protocol, which is designed to offer a flexible data communication platform for the transfer of short message data between routing entities (RE), external short messaging entities (ESME), and message centers.

SMPP is generally used to allow third parties to deliver messages, usually in bulk, but it may be also used for SMS grouping. It is able to deliver short messages such as EMS, Voice Mail Alerts, WAP messages involving WAP Push messages, Cell Broadcasts, USSD messages and many others. Due to its adaptability and support for non-GSM SMS protocols such as UMTS, IS-95 (CDMA), ANSI-136 (TDMA) CDMA2000 and iDEN, the SMPP Server is the most generally used protocol for short message exchange outside SS7 networks.



SMPP Server India

If you are an International or Local Bulk SMS Aggregator or Reseller, and looking for a secured plug and play SMPP Server, then you have come at the right place.

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SMPP Server Price

We allows users to connect to gateway using SMPP protocol. This connection type needs you to have a special software complex.

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SMPP Server Hosting

The SMPP server hosing solution of is a middleware and it gives simplicity of connecting one or more SMS service provider, thereby giving the best performance and accuracy. This platform offers an SMPP server to the clients and they can append as many people as they wish. For these services, the cost is made very standardized by the providers to make sure that the services are very economical.

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